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Colourful dilemma

Sometimes when you take a picture you can potentially have more than potential final image. As a photographer it can then be a difficult to make a choice over which way you would like to go.

Recently on a night time photography shoot at Armstrong Bridge in Newcastle I came up with such a dilemma myself.

I am a member of various photography groups on social media and I put my images out there to find other peoples opinions. Personally I’m leaning (but only slightly) towards the colour version.

a moment in time
A woman crossing Armstrong Bridge
a moment in time_BW
A woman crossing Armstrong Bridge in black and white

I think both images have differing feels. The colour image gives a cosy winter image feel, whilst the black and white gives off greater detail in areas.

Regardless I’m still stuck on which image to go with so I will have to consider pondering this one.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts.




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