Hareshaw Linn

Hidden gems

Back in the summer I was struggling for inspiration and time to get out and take pictures. my usual compatriot Ray, suggested we gt out and visit some of the North Easts waterfalls.

When he said that I have to admit i stopped in my tracks when he said this. Other than the waterfall in Jesmod Dene, Waterfalls in our region were not something i had really thought of.

So on Rays suggestion we headed out for the day during the summer and visited two in one day. Hindhope Linn on the eastern boundary of Kielder and Roughting Linn, hidden away on the norther border of the county.

Since then I have also visited Hareshaw Linn in Bellingham. A beautifull waterfall hidden away at the end of a picturesque walk around about 1.5 miles long that is blessed with multiple smaller waterfalls on the route.

I also ventured a little further south to Keld in Richmond North Yorkshire which was an eventful day in itself (see my previous blog entry here). Keld is blessed with a number of waterfalls in a smaller area.

It just goes to show, sometimes you don’t even know what is on your own door step.


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