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Hi and welcome to my gallery.

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Kenneth Horn and I live in the north east of England.

I have been interested in photography now for a number of years. I am on a constant quest to better my skills and produce visually pleasing pieces of art. I have set this site up as a way of sharing the results with you.

What makes my store a little different is that I am offering my digital images for sale. If you like one (or multiple), you can buy it and then do with it what you will. There are no delivery costs, just a simple file download. So please have a look through my images. I really do hope you like what you see. Even if you don’t buy something, please feel free to leave a comment if you see something you like. I find the feedback just as rewarding.

Please note that these images are sold for personal use. If you wish to purchase for commercial reasons please email me at ken@kjhorn.com and we can discuss things further.

Copyright of all images is hereby retained by the creator. All rights reserved.

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