Sometimes no matter how hard you try to get something it just doesn’t happen; and sometimes it just falls in your lap.
Just last week I persuaded my wife to join me at a location to try and get some setting sun shots local to our area. I did my research and found a site that told me there was a very good chance of have a beautiful sunset.
We arrived close to the location with about 20 minutes to spare. We struggled across rock strewn fields with a buggy as we had brought the little one along with us. We then proceeded to set up my camera gear.
I’m not going to lie; I already had reservations about the shot I was trying to get at this time, but even though it was overcast it was windy enough to blow the clouds away in time.
Sunset came and went. That is about the best thing I could say about it in honesty. There was a little bit of a glow but nothing even remotely shouting about. The plus side though, we did help to reunite a lost dog with its owner. So not a total loss.
Long story short, I came away without a single useable image, and I was rather disappointed.
On Sunday I went on my fortnightly excursion with a good friend of mine, my daughter and my son. This week we chose to visit Berwick-Upon-Tweed.
Although it is a very famous place and its located only an hour and a half away, my only experience of it was looking out of a train window as I passed through. Plus, I thought even if I didn’t get anything it would be a good trip out.
I had zero expectations before the trip. My only thoughts were it would be a good experience and a chance to practice my craft. Both my friend and my daughter are just starting out on their own photography journeys so it would be a good experience for them both.
We parked up and found the riverside walk on the Scottish side of the town. The weather was fairly chilly but the sky was giving us some good drama in the form of interesting cloud formations and some rich blues showing through in places. We spent the next few hours walking, taking pictures and having a good natter.
Time was getting on and it was starting to get darker. We even considered heading back. Th clocks had now gone back an hour and it was cutting in at 4 in the afternoon. Then we thought sod it! Leets check out Tommy the Millers Field. This is located at the rear of the train station, next to the castle ruins.
All we could say was WOW! A tremendous view and some beautiful light and drama which had been hiding from us all day. I then checked my phone to see what time we could expect sunset. It was due at 16:34. From this point it was a no brainer we had to wait to see what we could get.
We started off with this

Precursor to sunset

Trees silhouetted against the setting sun, overlooking the River Tweed. Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Then this

And finally this.

The River Tweed at sunset

The River Tweed at sunset from ‘Tommy the Miller’s field’. Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Whilst I have tweaked things a little to enhance the images, I have not drastically altered the pictures at all. This is what we were actually seeing. We expected nothing and came away with gold. It just shows that sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan, things can just come to you without trying.
So here you go. Three new images now added to my gallery. I bet they would look fantastic on your walls!

Bye for now

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