Well it has been a while since I wrote a blog post for my site. A lot has happened in that time that has kept me from behind the camera unfortunately, but thankfully now I am back!

In that time I took the plunge and bought myself a new camera. I decided that whilst I loved that old thin I just wasn’t getting the detail in my shots that I was hoping for. A know a bad workman blames his tools but the old camera was like something from the ark.

So I opted for the Canon 750d with the 18-35mm STM kit lens. In layman’s terms I now have a few more bells and whistles, including a lot more mega pixels, and a far greater ISO range for shooting in low light.

So far for me this has made a massive difference I feel personally in the quality of some of my shots.

Now on to the actual topic of the blog, to test drive my new toy I went for a walk with my wife and son to Newcastle Quayside to see if I could get some decent sun set shots.

It wasn’t the best of nights but some of the shots were still use able. The next step on the ladder is of course the processing. Personally I use Lightroom and photoshop.

Now I have a lot of room for improvement in this area. Still I produced something which at the time I was satisfied with. Satisfied, but not 100% happy with what I had produced.

Now I am still learning the trade and have over the last year or two received a lot of help and advice from a good friend of mine who’s been doing this a lot longer.

He told me that the work was good but it could be better. I thought to myself, he’s right. So after a few more helpful tips I started again. Now I have to say I’m over the moon with the results. Anyway, take a look at my latest offering and let me know what you think. Good and bad, it’s how we get better.

You can view my latest pictures by clicking here City and architecture

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